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employers: overview

Expo Experts is a team of recruitment consultants with over 50 years of experience. Our staff is knowledgeable, sincere and pro-active. Our combination of extensive print and online promotions as well as networking with area engineering and technical societies and transitioning military, in addition to tapping into the social media, make our events more effective at reaching this niche population.  Additionally, our onsite screening guarantees that only qualified professionals will be admitted. We guarantee more newspaper and online promotions than any other event in the markets we serve. This means More and Better Candidates for you!

We host 5 separate niche events:

Aerospace/Aviation/Defense, Advanced Technology (IT/IS and more), Engineering, Professional/General and Nursing/Healthcare. To learn more click here.

Newspaper Partners

Expo Experts is the only company in the world giving ownership of our job fairs directly to newspapers. This means more advertising for our exhibitors, guaranteed! Learn more

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Best of Business Award

Expo Experts, LLC has been awarded the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Best of Business Award for Cincinnati in the Business Consulting Category.




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Aug 18 Colorado Springs CO
Aug 19 Denver CO
Aug 26 San Diego CA
Sep 16 Calgary AB
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